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Likes, and Ohgee!

January… a New Year. January… A month when the winds are more prevalent, the weather turns blustery, snow, rain, ice and the beginning of the new calendar year has come and gone.  Time to take a look back at how far or not so far this last year has been. We all have set backs and part of 2019 was no different;  often referring to them as hiccups and hurdles. It has been a fractured ankle [Ohgee…].  There wasn’t much […]


Hello Summer. Sunshine and it’s great to be outside. These Red Hot Pokers, as I’ve always known them, standing tall with their bright red, orange and yellow colors against the blue of the ocean and the sky. They will bloom all Summer.  They caught my eye as the contrasting colors played well with each other. May was Photography Month. It is a reminder to take a look back at the history of photography understanding what the medium has brought to […]