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Hello Summer.

Sunshine and it’s great to be outside.

These Red Hot Pokers, as I’ve always known them, standing tall with their bright red, orange and yellow colors against the blue of the ocean and the sky. They will bloom all Summer.  They caught my eye as the contrasting colors played well with each other.

May was Photography Month. It is a reminder to take a look back at the history of photography understanding what the medium has brought to us.  We celebrate images and continue creating them as each season comes upon us … always with an artist’s eye.

In the previous post of the devastating fire of Notre Dame; continuing to follow the news to see what will transpire when the restoration unfolds.

With a multitude of projects in the works it’s good to…
“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”  ~ Theodore Roosevelt  is a great quote to keep looking up and reaching for the stars, and never give up.

Always grateful – Thank you for following.



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