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Artist Reflections

Photographs and images have always been an integral part of everything that touches my world. I am drawn to and have a passion for nature, architecture, lines / textures, and pure images exposed in their natural light and undisturbed surroundings.

Each image come from a place of discovery and wonderment. It’s a freedom of exploring new places with a different perspective.  I see the history and possibilities that challenge and push limits and “seeing” what can be pursued in every frame.

Images are reflective autobiography, fleeting moments, and discoveries.  The possibilities are endless. They explore Natural, Artificial and Reflective Light in the circle of the seasons. They are simply complex when you look beyond the obvious.

They are complete opposites embracing them as they work together.  The meanings are simple Hope, Courage and Perseverance bringing forward the importance to be optimistic for the future, embrace being different, and keep moving forward.  All the while, not forgetting to live in the present, draw upon our history and inevitable change ...

Simply put, I love what I do and grateful for being a part of it all.