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January… a New Year.

January… A month when the winds are more prevalent, the weather turns blustery, snow, rain, ice and the beginning of the new calendar year has come and gone.  Time to take a look back at how far or not so far this last year has been.

We all have set backs and part of 2019 was no different;  often referring to them as hiccups and hurdles. It has been a fractured ankle [Ohgee…].  There wasn’t much I could do except to rest sporting a florescent pink cast propped on a pillow with my cast ankle covered in a fuzzy sock with character grippers on the bottom.  Oh, and to keep a sense of humor!  I learned many new things on how awkward it can be. I also relearned how to walk, navigate steps, and realizing through it all how much we take for granted.

One does not know how great it feels to be back in regular shoes, to wear jeans [pants] again, and walk without limitations.  If you know me well, you know the hiccups and hurdles do not keep me down for long.

I am grateful for the help [likes…] and to those who have been patient [no pun intended…] as we all have hiccups and hurdles.  Now the flu [Ohgee...] has passed and ankle healing.

The collage of images are just a few favorite images taking a look back at 2019.  What a year!

On to a New Year.  Welcome 2020!



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