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August 2020

Ahhh… the lazy days of August.

August was celebrating photographs – World Photography Day.
Patience  •  to travel again… as it is exciting to revisit the archived images.  A peaceful “Silhouetted Cliff” [England 2019]  reminds me of the sun setting low on the horizon marking the ending of Summer as we look forward to Autumn.

It has been discovering what is in our surroundings since the previous post earlier this Summer.  Neowise.  Each clear night was a delight to witness something that we would only be able to see once in our lifetime.

and… the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.  To those women who came before us who fought a hard-won battle.  Thank you.  Exercise that right and VOTE!

Summer – was discovering in our immediate surroundings, or should I say “Rediscover”.  It has been almost 10 years ago I’d written an artist statement for a gallery show titled “From the Backyard & Beyond”.  It seems a bit ironic, sifting through the images from that show, to be settled in once again to rediscover it as we move through this Pandemic Summer.   I still missed photographing the Hummingbird, Orioles, and a few other items of note but will be ready for their return next year.

So on this last day of August, I am looking forward to Autumn, as it is soon to arrive, to welcome in the colors, smells, and the cooler weather.

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Please wear a mask.  Respect the people around you, your surroundings, and grateful to you for following –  Until the next post…



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