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"Butterflies have taught me patience."

The Butterfly Series

Butterflies have taught me patience with observing and photographing; each having their own distinct personalities. Some are territorial and others share a single Butterfly Bush bloom.  Some have come feeding for a great length of time. Others have been a bit skittish.  I learned the migration of the Monarch and the Painted Lady Butterflies traveling thousands and thousands of miles - which are truly remarkable!  I have been in awe.  I have been excited. I have been surprised by these beautiful winged creatures who come visit every Summer.

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Then there are the Clearwing Moths. They are typically the first to arrive. Excited upon it's arrival, I thought was going to be the first attempt at photographing a Hummingbird.  I was ecstatic clicking away as it moved from bloom to bloom. When it had it's fill it flew away as fast as it flew in.

Racing to the computer to bring up the images, I was thrilled finally to have photographed a Hummingbird ... until doing some research to find out more.  The first page I read said, "I bet you thought..." Though disappointed, I did laugh and yet still excited to have the Hummingbird Clearwing Moth stop by our butterfly bush.  They have been regulars visiting our butterfly bush ever since.

I still look forward to someday photographing our Hummingbird that visits every Summer.