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What a thrill!

Braving the temperatures that reached -3F ( -19C), with a wind chill of -25F,  in the wee hours of the morning; bundled up in many layers, trying to keep the camera warm was a challenge. It was not a night to be out long at all.  This image, one of many, of the Blood Moon in almost in a total lunar eclipse.  Grateful the skies were so incredibly clear.

In spite of the sub-zero temperatures, my camera rebelling to the frigid temperature, it was a thrill to be able to witness and capture this rare event in our celestial skies. This is the second Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse I have witnessed, photographed and do look forward to the next one.  Maybe the temperature will be a bit warmer and hoping for a repeat of the clear sky we had during this event.

You can view it HERE.  Thank you for following and have a great week.



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