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April 2020

Are you Listening?

In spite the post for March has been quiet be rest assured – still here. One month in “stay home” order.   How are you doing?

The unknown can bring a barrage of feelings and sifting through fact from fiction is a challenge.  Events canceled, workshops postponed, family get-togethers, and travel virtually halted. The loss of routines and much more has led to helping others learn how to navigate this new reality of COVID-19. Emotions have been raw yet we’ve witnessed the human spirit rise in the face of adversity. Ironically, while we are physically distancing we are socially connected more than ever.  Fewer texts – it is the human voices and faces has kept us connected. So, a gesture, no matter how small you may think it is, may become a lifeline for someone.  Lend an ear.


We applaud and are grateful to those who are on the front lines in the direct throws of this pandemic. Professions that were once looked down upon are now brought to the forefront and are more important than ever. They are our lifeline.  Parents who have had their lives turned upside down and are now teaching and/or working from home… and to our leaders who took a proactive role.  To those who are doing their part, no matter how small you may think it is – you ARE doing your part!

Optimism & Hope.  We have Hope and know that it will end.


Photographs are more important than ever.  Revisiting images bring a renewed spirit and a reminder of how important HISTORY is.  We listen to the EXPERIENCE of those who have been through crisis before. It could be our own ancestral, ancient, or even art history and take with us the lessons they learned.  It is looking beyond the canvas and a photographic image remembering what they have taught us.  WISDOM is invaluable.

…and maintain a sense of humor.
Just take a look at those pants from long ago. {notice the nifty camera}


It is Spring here in Michigan and that means the weather changes very quickly. It is amazing that our lives are wrapped in the forecast of the day, especially this time of the year. Rainbows; lasting only minutes, remind us that there is a silver lining after the storm.

The Bluebirds have arrived from their Winter migration and sing each morning.  The flowers are beginning to bloom and their color and fragrance are certainly welcome. Nature has become more important and encourage to go outside (if you are able).  Are you listening?

“Staying Home” and encourage all to do the same.  This is no April Fools…we are responsible not only to ourselves, each other, but to others not to spread this.  Born and raised in Michigan, I am reminded that we are tough, resilient and been through crisis before. We will get through this one too.

Thank you for following and always remember:

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”  ~ Theodore Roosevelt 

It is a great quote to keep looking up and reaching for the stars, never give up, and keep an eye on your business.


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